You're too late! Mother's Day sales have ended! If you find yourself wishing you had something sweet to eat, send me a message through the contact form! I am very happy to put together a special order! In other news!!! Piggyback Treats Company is legit! We've secured our name, and we're now getting samples ready for testing! Next on the agenda will be sourcing a reliable supplier! We'll be producing naturally dehydrated treats for dogs and cats! Hoping I can find salmon at a reasonable price, but if that doesn't work out then we'll try for beef liver! All of the treats will be made from the freshest ingredients. Human-grade, of course! My dog, Candy tries everything that I make to ensure that it is of the best quality! She approves, and I'm sure your pets will approve too! Be on the lookout for more info on the new branch in the coming weeks! Thanks for always supporting your local, small business! Your Chef, Jen

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