It's time to start thinking about what to get that special lady in your life! This year's Mother's Day Gift Boxes will come packed in a sturdy re-usable box, perfect for storing photos or keepsakes! We'll include our famous Vanilla Bean Shortbread, the tender and crisp Confetti Butter Cookies, and the addictive Chocolate Walnut Biscotti! To round out this special gift box, we'll include a beautiful artesian crafted porcelain spoon and a selection of herbal teas! If you've ordered in the past, you might be familiar with the artist Fade Lee! She's from Oakland, California and she made the beautiful heart pendents that were included with the Valentine's Day special! These spoons are each moulded, kiln fired, glazed and fired again. They're one of a kind, and truly an upgrade to enjoying these tasty treats! We're changing the order process a little bit, so instead of paying directly through Paypal, I'll email an invoice to you once I receive your order information! Simply go to our ORDER page and send a message to me including: 1. How many boxes you'd like. 2. Who and where to ship to. 3. Email address you'd like the invoice sent to. 4. Gift card message. I'll hand write each of these! 5. Any additional info you think I should know! The cost for this year's box is $68. The shipping and online processing fees are already included in the price. Yes, online processing fees... Paypal takes a percentage each time there is an exchange of funds online. Please send this info on to someone you know who may be interested in purchasing one of these fabulous boxes for their special woman! I only have 15 spoons, so place your orders before they sell out! Sales END on Tuesday, May 5 or when we run out! Boxes will be shipped on May 6th, and will arrive before Mother's Day, Sunday May 10th.

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