I've been looking forward to this holiday! No, not because I'm a hopeless romantic and not because I might be secretly pining for a shiny gift from my boyfriend. Because of Valrhona. Cacao. The heart-thumping, love-inducing, warm arms of chocolate. But how, you ask, can something as common as chocolate hold the key to so many hearts? Chocolate is made up of over 300 compounds! When we see, smell, and taste chocolate, our bodies are only just beginning to enjoy the effects of this magical fruit. Many of the sensations we experience as we are falling in love, are the same that we will experience when enjoying chocolate! Tryptophan and serotonin subject us to a feeling of comfort, well-being, and awareness. Phenylethylamine gives us a feeling of pleasure and motivation. Flavonols (like those found in red wine, blueberries and green tea) boost blood flow to specific areas of the brain two and three hours after we've ingested them! We may even feel like we're experiencing the effects of a mild painkiller. Do you remember that feeling? The fluttery fear and excitement of falling in love? Valrhona is arguably the best chocolate in the world. I choose to use their Manjari 64%. This chocolate is produced using beans from only one area. Madagascar. As you bite into one of these ganache filled truffles you'll feel yourself falling in love again. There are so many layers of flavors. You'll be taken to a place that is special to your heart. In addition to the truffles, I've collaborated with an artist and friend of mine to bring you the very best this Valentine's Day! Fade Lee's art can best be described as organic, real, healing and filled with love. She has designed a heart shaped pendent necklace exclusively for Kitchens Lane, which will be included with each order of truffles. Each pendent is painstakingly hand carved and then carefully fired in a kiln. After the first firing, she then glazes them, and fires them again. This process takes several weeks, and lots of patience! As a native Californian, she happily takes the time necessary to do this the right way, and though it may take some time, the result is worth it. You'll be receiving a one-of-a-kind piece. So, before we run out you better get yourself to the ORDER page! I only have a limited quantity available, and I'd hate for you to miss out on this very exciting Valentine's Day enhancement! As always, I've included shipping into the cost of your purchase! Orders can be placed through Monday February 9th, and will be shipped out to arrive on or before Valentine's Day, Saturday Feb. 14th. DON'T FORGET YOUR BEST BUDDY! Valentine's Day is the day to make sure your love is known! Get your best friend the "I Love My Dog!" Goodie Box! Each box will come filled with my very own, hand-made-human-grade treats! The Peanut Butter Cookies, Salmon & Herb Training Treats and Puppy Brownies are all prepared fresh, without the use of preservatives! Have you purchased from Kitchens Lane in the past? Have you received a Kitchens Lane basket or box as a gift? Please let us know what you think! We're on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as well! Though, Instagram is our fave! Follow along on our tasty adventures @kitchenslane!

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