Time has just been flying by for us here at Kitchens Lane! We're moved into the new location, and still trying to make it feel like it's ours. The kitchen needs some work, as does the rest of the place, but it's so nice to have a space dedicated to THIS! Since so much has happened in the last few months, let me fill you in! Throughout the months of July, August, September and October my sister (and right hand girl), our two pups and I ripped up carpeting, pulled staples, sanded floors, stained and polyed. We stripped paint, replaced floor boards, widened doorways and made holes in the ceiling. We've been busy and we didn't stop inside the house. We dug up stinging nettles that were six feet tall, removed invasive bushes, ivy and trees! We put in two patios, seeded the front lawn, and planted some bulbs and a pear tree! There's still so much to do, including a lot of unpacking and organizing, which took the backseat once we started living in the house. Remodeling is a lot harder to do with two humans and two canines residing amidst the work zone! I just want to thank the loyal friends of Kitchens Lane. Without you, I wouldn't have had the nerve to buy this place. The motivation comes from you! I love planning the upcoming events, gift baskets and specials! I love the visions that I have floating around my head! This new place will be something spectacular! With a little more elbow grease and a lot more financial investment I'm hoping that this community will cherish everything we've given. But enough of that! It's almost Thanksgiving! How could I have nearly forgotten about our dearest friends! Head over to the order page and get your orders placed for the 2014 Thankful For My Dog goodie boxes! They're only on sale through Sunday Nov. 23, so don't waste any time! All orders will be shipped out, or delivered in person on Monday Nov. 24th. This year they come filled with some of the favorites, and also some new treats! Check out the details on the order page! *****BONUS! If you place your order by FRIDAY Nov 21st, you'll get a coupon code emailed to you for use on a Christmas purchase!!!*****

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