I'm so happy to report that the Father's Day Goodie Bags have sold out! This is a huge accomplishment! Thank YOU for taking the time to stop by, send a message, ask a question, leave a review, and of course, place an order! This small business continues to grow because of your dedication! If you were hoping to get your Kitchens Lane fix in, and now your dreams are crushed, you'll just have to hold out for the next sale! There are some big changes coming here. A new location, while still in Philly, is keeping us busy! I was hoping to have July 4th Pie Sales, but those plans will need to wait until next summer. Until then, come grab some of the tasty dog treats we'll have for sale at the East Falls Flea & Craft Fair this coming weekend at McMichael Park! Take a look at the events page for more exciting appearances throughout Philadelphia!

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