I've got a full plate! Well, what I mean is that my kitchen is full! The fridge, counters, any surface area really. Including the inside of the oven! Things have really been picking up lately, and I couldn't be more grateful to the friends and family who have helped all along the way! Thanks for your support! I've really become aware of the push to support small businesses. It totally makes sense. And even though I've been one of those small businesses now for nearly two years, I'm only just starting to actually join the bandwagon! You see the ads, signs, you hear the pleas. I saw something going around on facebook that read "Buy as much of your produce as you can from your local farmer's market. You are helping them pay their mortgage." Or something along those lines. So true. I just did the taxes and end of the year account stuff for Kitchens Lane, and let's just say that this business, my passion, wouldn't exist without people who think like that! I make everything you'd probably be buying at the convenience, grocery, and pet stores! I know many of you are probably putting together Easter baskets for your children, or maybe to donate to a local orphanage. I know that you most likely pick up a box or bag of treats for your canine companion every few weeks! It's purchases like that, though tiny, that can literally pay the bills for small businesses! I try my hardest to keep prices low, and comparable to what you'd pay from a major retail store, yet I make everything in small batches, with the very best ingredients, no preservatives, and tons of love! So basically, THANK YOU! Every purchase has meant more than you can imagine! I'm currently planning the Mother's Day Gift Boxes! What did some of you like, or not like about last year's? Send me a message on the contact form! I'd love to make sure I'm keeping you happy! Your Chef, Jennifer

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