Happy Black Friday

It's Black Friday! Although I don't have any special deals to offer you on this hectic shopping day, I do plan on offering a special treat for the Cyper Monday customers! I won't be giving any clues away yet, so you'll have to check back for the details on Monday! As for now, we have all of the Christmas goodies up for sale! There is a description of your options listed in the last post, and if you go to the order page you'll see everything nicely laid out for you to choose from! I know it's a bit scary to purchase something you haven't yet seen, but that's part of the excitement when buying from Kitchens Lane! You can look at some examples of past gift baskets and goodies in our Gallery for now! Every year I personally select the packaging for each item! It's a process that I enjoy very much! You can be assured that whatever you choose will be pleasing to the eye and most certainly pleasing to the palet! Enjoy! And thank you for choosing Kitchens Lane!

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