2013 Holiday Gift Baskets

It's that time of year again! Holiday Gift Bastet production is gearing up here! The gift baskets this year will be extra special, with three options for purchase! The large option is suited for 12-18 people, or more and will contain a dozen (or an equivalent amount) of each specialty item. These items come packaged in a basket or on a serving plate. This option is the most expensive, as the packaging is extensive, impressive, and very time consuming! The small option is suited for smaller groups of 4-8 or more and will contain all of the same items that are in the large basket, just smaller amounts. There will be six pieces (or an equivalent amount) of each item. These items will come packaged in a smaller container than the large option. Last but not least, I know many of you are on a budget, so I've added the new option a la carte, which allows you to choose which items you'd like individually. You can choose either large (12pc) or small (6pc) per item. This option does not come packaged in a basket, and each item is packaged minimally and put directly into the shipping box. This means less cost overall and even cheaper shipping! This option would be great if you'd like a selection of treats to put out for your holiday party! Stay tuned for prices and more details in the hours to come!

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