How do I place an order?

​​At this time, I only offer items for sale during major holidays and occasionally by special request.  If you go to the Shop, you'll see what we have available right now!  For custom orders, please send an email describing what it is you'd like!


To book specialty chef services, please give me a call or send an email!  Payments for all chef services should be made either by check or cash.  No online payment.  Why?  Paypal takes a percentage of each sale that is processed.  I've already accounted for that amount in the cost of each specialty sale gift basket, so this is the only time you will be able to pay online using a credit card.  Private chef services are my main source of income, and losing even a small amount can end up costing me BIG TIME!


Payment and Shipping


​Payments for all special orders are processed through PayPal.  Upon checking out, you'll see the sales tax of 8% added to your total.  We've already included shipping & processing fees into the cost of each item.  


Returns & Refunds

If for any reason you aren't satisfied with your order, I'd like to know as soon as possible!  My company grows by word of mouth, and it is my mission to surpass your expectations!  Please send an email or give me a call!  I want to make this right, right away!