As a child I loved baking with my mom, and many happy memories revolve around the kitchen! My grandpa would make me pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse and my grandma would give me ice cream with surprise mini marshmallows in the bottom of the cone! Desserts mean more than satisfying your sweet tooth! They envelope love, surprise and passion all into one perfect moment! 


Throughout my youth I made many messes in my mom's kitchen. Most of the time these attempts at baking yielded a sad, but well intentioned creation. I didn't know it at the time, but this was my true calling!


I attended The Pennsylvania Culinary Institute for Pastry Arts in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in 2001 and upon graduation dove immediately into large scale production working at a well known resort in Wisconsin. This lifestyle wasn't for me though, and for several years I jumped around from job to job searching for my place. 


I finally found it when I moved back up to my mom's house in upstate NY. I worked at a small bakery in Sackets Harbor NY, called Chrissy Beanz. This is the place that really gave me a sense of who I'd become as a chef. I was blessed with the perfect business owner as my boss. Cheryl Hanzlian gave me complete reign over the dessert case! I worked my butt off for years, making just $7 an hour! It was such a great feeling seeing the line go out the door! 



As is usual for someone growing into themselves, I realized after a couple of years that I needed more. I was hungry to be working under an established Pastry Chef. Someone who I could learn more from. I moved around a bit until I found myself in Houston TX, where I eventually started working at The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa as the Assistant Pastry Chef. This is the second place that helped to shape me. I was exposed to large scale production, but with passion. Every item was made from scratch. Each pastry cook had a passion for baking and had high hopes of making an impression in the industry. After a few years as a manager, working very long 16 hour days I became burned out. I didn't want to lose my love of baking, and I knew I needed a change to keep me propelling forward. And so a change is what I made... 


I moved to the Bahamas! There I made a bunch of friends, many of which worked as the chefs onboard private and charter yachts. Now we're talking! I happily accepted this new lifestyle of cooking, traveling, and living it up! 


Fast forward several years and l find myself in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania working as a private chef. After all the years I've spent moving around, pushing myself to grow and become more well-rounded I have finally come to the point where I can create a business of my own! And so here is Kitchens Lane. My creation, my young child who is looking to grow and prosper. As you know, I have experience in most any setting. I can cater your party, make your wedding cake, teach a cooking class in your home, deliver you a home-made meal, prepare some goodies for your dog and box up some home-made sweets for gift giving! 


With food, the possibilities are endless! Share the love, pass on a smile, make some memories! I'd LOVE to help!


Chef Jennifer Kirby